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Small and Micro Enterprises

Small businesses in the W&R Sector are broadly divided into Levy Paying and Non Levy Paying Organisations. Levy Paying Organisations are those that are formalised and have a payroll above R 500 000 which qualifies them for skills grants.

Non-levy paying organisations vary from formalised businesses exempted from levy contribution to informal traders that trade in the backyards and streets and do not have registered employees. This category also covers rural communities, NGOs and Community Based Cooperatives.

The SETA has established a dedicated department to address the needs of SMEs and derives its mandate from National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III Outcome 4.6.2 and its activities are informed by the W&RSETA SMME Strategy and other relevant legislation.

The purpose of the SME Support Department is to support and encourage economic activity in the SME sector though skills development and by partnering with relevant agencies to facilitate financial and non-financial support to SMEs. The success of the SME Support Department will result in SMEs being sustainable entities that are able to create jobs in the sector. 

The following are Strategic Objectives of the SME Support Department:

  • Assists small levy paying companies with completion of WSPs/ATRs/PIVOTAL Plans;
  • Initiative skills development programmes for small levy paying companies to benefit from the SETA’s discretionary funds;
  • Introduce mind-set shift for South African Informal, Small and Micro Enterprises in the Retail Sector to grow and run vibrant businesses;
  • Increase the competitiveness of these businesses through appropriate measures such as business training and infrastructure improvements;
  • Partner with funding agencies in order to provide a comprehensive solutions for SMEs; and
  • Constantly liaise with SME associations in order to understand what the needs of their members are so as to prepare interventions that address those needs;

The following are some of the SME interventions currently implemented by the SETA:

  • SMME Voucher Project: The purpose of the project is to train learners through issuing vouchers that can be redeemed by companies or training providers;
  • PIVOTAL Grants: This is aimed at training learners mainly from levy paying companies in programmes that will lead to a full or part qualification; and
  • Informal Traders Upliftment Project (ITUP): The project is implemented in partnership with the dti and is aimed at training 1000 informal traders across the country as well as giving them the necessary infrastructure support.
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