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Vision & Mission

To be the leader in skills development in the country.

To develop a skilled, capable, competent and professional workforce to transform the wholesale and retail sector.

Strategic Goals

  • To create a culture of lifelong and workplace learning;
  • To address historic imbalances with a focus on class, race, gender, geographical locations and disability, in the development of people in the W&R sector;
  • To facilitate funded and accessible training to meet the sector needs; and
  • To align with national development strategies in line with the requirements of government to foster skills development in the W&R Sector for productivity and employment.


  • We place high value in the members of the W&RSETA team.
  • We continually treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • We support each other in action, word and behaviour.
  • We optimise strong ethics, integrity and trustworthiness.
  • We care for each other and are sensitive about feelings, concerns, frustrations and limitations.
  • We are honest with each other and are prepared to engaged openly and frankly on differences.
  • We thrive on positive and constructive feedback.
  • We are zealously co-responsible and accountable for the team’s efforts.
  • We respect the unique contribution that each individual makes and recognise that “I” cannot be fully “me” without “you”.
  • We give each other space and accept the responsibility for the impact of our actions in the team.
  • We positively affirm our confidence in each individual’s ability to deliver excellently.
  • We make time to regularly interact and reflect meaningfully on what is really important.

Guiding Principles
In terms of our guiding principles, the W&RSETA accepts, promotes and gives effect to the applicable legislation and
to our vision, mission and objectives by adhering to the following principles:

  • Encourage and promote the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Decent Work Agenda;
  • Apply non-discriminatory employment practices;
  • Be fair and equitable in all dealings with and treatment of stakeholders, suppliers and vendors;
  • Develop and implement best business practices;
  • Provide quality service to stakeholders in an effective, economical, efficient and innovative manner;
  • Encourage adherence to the sectoral determination within the W&R sector; and
  • Foster sound corporate governance principles as outlined in King III.
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Important Contacts
Head Office
  Riverside Office Park | Hennops House | 1303 Heuwel Avenue
Cnr. Lenchen South and Heuwel Avenue | Centurion, PRETORIA
South Africa,0167  
  Private Bag X106 | Centurion | 0046
012 622 9500

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