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June 2014

Active Projects

  Name Region Objectives Project Start Date Project End Date
1 ILDP 2013/14 HO 1. Increase the talent pipeline of highly promotable “HDI” leaders 2. Create “stickiness” in the sector; address the problem of other sectors poaching key people 3. Create “champions” for the sector; highly visible, successful young leaders who are able to influence other young leaders 4. Progress thinking on key industry topics by engaging a broader cadre of stakeholders through the means of industry challenges that have to be solved by participants 5. Create awareness of the South African wholesale and retail sectors internationally and potentially create business opportunities 01-Mar-13 31-Mar-14
1 Retail Chair COQR • Establish Wholesale and Retail centres of excellence • Develop and deliver wholesale and retail qualifications informed by sector scarce skills • Facilitate development of post graduate studies • Create a pool of skilled labour force for the wholesale and retail sector • Undertake extensive research in the sector in collaboration with the W&RSETA; Retail Industry and other identified partners • Develop a learner tracking system together with W&RSETA • Establish partnership with industry for learner employability and work place exposure as a critical component for successful achievement of qualifications • Making a compelling case for the formal recognition of Retail skills • Improving the quality of new recruits into the retail sector • Raising the skills levels of the existing workforce in retail operations • Uniting retailers to simplify and improve access to the skills system • Facilitate enrolment and supervision of Masters and PhD studies in Retail • Target both employed and unemployed for advanced learning through flexible delivery mode • Implement international exchange programme to enhance global exposure of learners in Retail. 01-Nov-11 31-Dec-15
1 SSP Update 2013/14 COQR Conspicuously, the W&R sector is changing rapidly worldwide: boundaries between wholesale and retail are blurring. Changes in the sector are driven by internationalization, regionalization, consolidation and intense price competition, regulation policies, e-commerce, and heterogeneous consumer and product trends. Some of these changes have altered the way in which business operates and the types of jobs for which is a demanded. The objective of this update is to ensure that the W&RSETA has the SSP that reflects the national and global development in the wholesale and retail landscape. 28-Feb-13 31 sep 2013
1 Cornerstone Training Center EC Cornerstone Training Centre to become a W&R accredited Community Education and Training Centre. Encourage self employment of Learners with Special Needs(LSEN). Facilitate employability. Capacitation and up skilling. Up skilling Educators through ODETDP to become W&R registered practitioners 27-Aug-12 31-Dec-14
1 Continous Dev Of BEE Prov ETQA To train W&RSETA providers on the following 1.QCTO Requirements 2.Development of learning material 3.QMS of training provision 4.Assessment and moderation 5.Facilitation of learning 6.Management and administration of training and development 01-Mar-11 31-Oct-13
1 Extension of Scope for FET's & HET's ETQA To enable this nine FETs to offer at least one W&RSETA NQF 2 Qualification by 1 April 2013. To enable one HET to offer the QCTO Retail Store Manager Qualification NQF 6 by 1 April 2013 30-Oct-12 28-Jun-13
1 Good Practice award ( GPA) HR To recognise sectoral best practices in the following categories: 1. Small, 2.Medium, 3.Large, 4.Super Large, 5. Learner, 6. Registered Non-Levy Paying Organisation. 7.Accredited W&RSETA Training Provider. 01-Nov-12 29-Aug-14
1 SADDT KZN KZN Phase 1: Appointment of a Service Provider to train 150 unemployed disabled learners in KwaZulu Natal (6 sites) though a learnership (National Certificate in Wholesale & Retail Operations NQF Level 3 - SAQA ID: 63409 and / or Skills Programme (Business Development - NQF 2). Phase 2: To put 105 learners on a learnership with SADDT sourcing employers for them where they will gain workplace experience 01-Oct-12 31-Dec-13
1 W&R School Of Exellence COQR The aim of the W&R School of Excellence, which will include a Work-integrated learning approach, is to provide a link between the nine Public FETs, DUT and regional KZN based organisations for the delivery of benefits and the advancement of training to all stakeholders within the Wholesale and Retail Sector. The School of Excellence will be responsible for the development of learners from, or entering, the Sector for the purpose of advancing skills of stakeholders and ultimately professionalising the Sector. 01-Mar-13 31-Dec-13
1 Career Guidance Mark 1.Update the current Schools Career Guides 1. To visit at least 200 schools 2. To visit at least 50 University Campuses; 3. To visitn at least 100 FET Colleges Campuses; 4. To Print develop career guidace for distribution to schools, universities and FET Colleges 5. To take part in career guidance exhibitions, workshops, seminars and conferences 6. To visit rural areas schools by using a branded bus 7. To use the community media, university campus radios and other regional media to promote the sector. 03-Sep-13 31-Aug-13
1 Spar  MP The objective of this project is to train 20 employees within the Spar Lowveld Distribution Centre on the National Certificate: Management NQF 3 programme with the Services SETA and was requesting the SETA to fund the management and delivery of the programme. The budget approved for the project is R 330K including administration costs. 30-Aug-11 30-Dec-13
1 Bursary  Career wise NPO - Provision of financial assistance to student studying towards the wholesale and retail sector or related field. - Skills development initiative to address the scarce and critical skills in wholesale and retail sector. - Development of partnerships with insititutes of higher learning thus promoting further development of qualifications addressing scarce skills. Promote retail as career of choice. - Create an opportunity for the underpriviledged to access high level education for better employment prospects. 01-Apr-12 30-May-16
1 Bursary DHET ( NSFAS Final Years) NPO Provide financial assistance, in form of bursaries, to 1352 students who have graduated in wholesale and retail related qualification in 2011 To find employment for the graduates, to work for a period of 12 months, in the wholesale and retail sector To Provide a Work Readiness Programme for graduates that may not be placed within the sector. 01-Mar-12 30-Jun-14
1 NSFAS First Years NPO Provide Financial assistance to 1670 first years students in Universities, Technikons and FET Colleges, who passed matric in 2011 or the previous years. The bursary will cover 3 to 4 years of study. To find employment vacation in June and December holidays for the W&R SETA bursary students To find employment for the graduates, to work for a period of 12 months, in the wholesale and retail sector 01-Mar-12 30-Jun-16
1 DG 11/12 FW NPO Funding Window 1: Artisan Development ProgrammeTo support Skills Development for Artisans in within the Wholesale and Retail Sector targeting the employed and unemployed. . Funding Window 2: Adult Education and Training ( AET)To support Skills Development of Adults within the Wholesale and Retail Sector, funding learning interventions on AET NQF Level 1 qualification as well as Numeracy and Literacy on ABET Level 4 as a Skills Programme. Funding Window 3: Development Programmes for CooperativesTo define training of members of organised cooperatives within the Wholesale and Retail Sector. The W&RSETA has determined that the best form of support would be to fund training of members of existing as well as mentors for existing and new cooperatives that operate within the W&R sector. Funding Window 4: New Venture Creation (NVC)To establish new ventures in partnership with retailers, franchisors, and new venture creation specialist to implement NVC programmes to ensure that beneficiaries are trained and assisted to start new business ventures. The new venture that is intended to be established must be identified upfront and supported by a feasibility study that will indicate the potential for that venture to succeed as well as a 12 month mentorship strategy after successful completion of the programme. Funding Window 5: Development of People Living with DisabilitiesTo offer Skills Development support to both employed and unemployed people living with disabilities. W&RSETA Stakeholders and accredited Providers are encouraged to enter into partnerships with credible Institutions for people living with disabilities Funding Window 6: Workplace Experience and Employment GrantsTo Provide workplace experience for final year students from registered Higher Education and Further Education Training Institutions on scarce skills in order to obtain their qualification. Provide workplace experience and employment opportunities to unemployed graduates with qualification related to W&R sector completed at a registered higher education institutions and further education and training institutions on any of the scarce and critical skills. Funding Window 7: Rural Development ProgrammeThis Funding Window is intended to provide skills development opportunities for people living in rural communities. This initiative is aligned to the national call to ensure that these communities are not neglected in any programmes that are implemented. Funding Window 8: SMME Support To support Skills Development for registered levy and non-levy paying small retailers, as well as micro enterprises for the employed learners only. Funding Window 9: Learning Programmes The purpose of this Funding Window is to support skills development initiatives for employed (18.1) and unemployed (18.2) learners within the W&R sector to enroll on NQF 2 – 6 programmes that address scarce and critical skills in the sector. Funding Window 10: HIV/AIDS TrainingTo provide learners with HIV/AIDS awareness. 10-Aug-11 30-Oct-14
1 DG 12/13 FW NPO There are 9 different funding windows that address different needs and targets within the sector. 1. AET - This window intends to increase skills and educational levels of adults that are already employed within the sector. These are man and women who have held their positions and may or may not have moved departments. with no real paper qualification, they are largely unpromotable, so do people that require 2. RPL, who do not receive recognition for what they have learned before. 3. Artisan Training- The sector has opened up their funding to accommodate the skills that are scarce within the industry, even though the qualifications & programmes may belong to other sectors. There is a dire need for industrial fridge repairmen, plumbers, welders, aircon repairs, light fitters, fitters and turners, to name but a few. 4. They form part of the scarce and critical skills within the entire industry. 5. the FET Lecturer funding window intends to expose University and College lecturers to the sector ins and outs. Often than not, these lecturers do not know how Retail works and what the industry entails. 6. Cooperatives are largely groups of people within a community that have a need to develop themselves. The SETA encourages development so that these groups can develop their craft, the programmes that they need are driven by their own different needs, as pertaining to their different businesses that they are in. 7. The Rural programmes Funding window also operates on the same principle, of sectoral and industry driven need. 8&9 are windows that intend to expose the Interns and graduates to workplace exposure. These graduates and interns will later hone in their skills in whatever qualification they have studied for, as well as be exposed to how the world of work -works. 01-Oct-12 30-Apr-13
1 SMME Voucher Projects 12/13 NPO The Project is aimed at supporting 7500 Small Wholesale and Retail Levy Paying and Non Levy Paying Companies by providing them with vouchers that will enable them to send their employees on unit standard based training. The budget approved for the project is R32m and the timeframe scheduled is 18 months. 01-Aug-12 31-Oct-13
1 WSP/ ATR 2013/14 NPO The main objective of this project is to assist SMEs within the Wholesale and Retail sector with the completion and submission of their WSP/ATR documents for the year 2013/14. The assistance is offered to these SMEs through the contracting of Independent Skills Development Facilitators (ISDF’s). Furthermore, the W&RSETA intends improving on its total submission for 2012/13 in order to maintain its record of excellent performance. 01-Nov-12 29-Nov-13
1 Capacity Building for Unions NPO The project seeks to capacitate 1 000 union officials from the five (5) constituent labour organisations that are represented on the Board on skills to enhance the understand and implementation of skills development processes and related issues. The project will be funded at a budget of R14,5m for the 2012/13 and 2013/14 financial years 01-Mar-13 30-Sep-15
1 Bursary Programme - learners with Learnerships NPO Offer bursaries to 500 unemployed and 500 employed prospective learners who have successfully completed a learnership at NQF 4 or 5 01-Mar-13 31-Mar-16
1 Training Lay Off  QLP Training lay off scheme for retrenched workers. Joint programme with CTFL SETA. 01-Sep-09 31-Mar-15
1 Retail MDP 2 QLP The Retail MDP aims to equip current middle managers with the skills to become effective in pursuing the organisational goals of excellence within their own organisations in the Wholesale and Retail sector. The Retail MDP also seeks to create an avenue for retail management development for prospective retail managers. Retail management development has been identified as a key requirement in terms of the sector skills plan. This is largely due to the fact that many retail managers are developed within the business, from a relatively low qualification requirement. Their skills acquisition is largely on the job and there is a deficit of retail qualifications available. The Retail MDP will be a welcome enabler to professionalise retail management and make a career in retail a more attractive proposition. Retail MDP graduates will also be able to further their learning with a career path into the ILDP. The central objective is to enhance the availability of skilled middle management in retail. 02-May-12 30-Apr-14
1 Dev of W&R Q QLP With the recent changes in legislation regarding the development of qualification in South Africa the Retail & Wholesale SGB has looked at how best to pro-actively meet the needs of the sector Therefore at a recent strategy planning session of the W&R SETA board, the SGB put forward a proposal to change the shape of qualification development by converting the SGB into a formal CEP and including the HET and FET arms of training and development. This Project Proposal looks at the implementation of this proposal. 27-Jun-10 31-Mar-15
1 Monitoring & Evaluation Research The W&RSETA will have an integrated sound M&E framework that is aligned with government policy framework and performance information as well as the necessary tools and skills to monitor the efficiency, effectiveness, process, outputs and outcomes of the W&RSETA programmes and or projects. Furthermore, the M&E framework will answer questions like: Have planned activities been completed on time and within budget? What unplanned activities took place? What direct tangible products or services has the project delivered as a result of activities? 04-Jun-12 31-Aug-13
1 Research Agenda Research The objectives of this research agenda is to inform and justify SETA's interventions in advancing skills development in the wholesale and retail sector. Furthermore, to ensure that the NSDS III and SETA's strategic goals are being realised. In addition, to make sure that SETA is able to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of its stakeholders. 02-Apr-12 29-Mar-13
1 BASF-Spray Painter Projects WC Address the artisan skills shortage by training 10 spray painters over a three year period. 01-Jul-11 31-Mar-15
1 Capaciti (Phase 2) WC 1.  To address the need for Business Analysts which is a critical and scarce skills in the Retail sector and increase the competitiveness of the sector to facilitate growth and sustainability 2. To stem the tide of job losses an outflow of funds from South Africa due to off-shoring by local companies 3. To create employment opportunities for new entrants into the Retail sector via this Training and Internship Programme. 30-Mar-13 30-Mar-14


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