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International Leadership Development Programme

The objective of this flagship project which is in its ninth year (2017) of successful implementation is to increase the talent pipeline of highly promotable, historically disadvantaged leaders within the Wholesale and Retail Sector who have been earmarked for senior or executive positions in their companies.

The ILDP exposes delegates to best practice in leadership as well as wholesale and retail practices locally and internationally. The Programme boasts Alumni of 290 senior executives who are making remarkable strides in advancing the Wholesale and Retail Sector. A total investment of over R 90m has been made towards the Programme since its launch in 2009.

Since its inception, the ILDP has been instrumental in the promotion of over 100 delegates with several being allocated additional responsibilities in their portfolios. Delegates have been promoted to positions of directors, general managers, executives, managing directors, chief financial officers, and have been appointed to the Executive Committees of retail companies. Some of the delegates have pursued entrepreneurial opportunities starting their own businesses which are contributing to the growth of the country.

The 2017 group has been being enrolled with Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS); a business school of the University of Pretoria. The group will be divided into two. One group of 30 delegates will tour the United States of America and India while the other group will visit China and Russia. The entire group will also visit Ghana as part of the Action Learning Programme.

Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP)

The inaugural Wholesale and Retail SETA Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP) was launched in 2012 as a response to addressing skills gaps within the current middle management complement within the Sector and create a pool of skilled middle managers. The Programme equips delegates with prerequisite skills to become effective managers. RMDP graduates will also be able to further their learning with a career path into the ILDP.

The Retail MDP also seeks to create an avenue for retail management development for prospective retail managers. The Sector Skills Plan has identified retail management development as a key requirement which is attributed to the relatively low skills requirement to enter the Sector as many retail managers are developed within the business.

Since its inception, 1383 delegates have successfully completed the Programme.

The SETA has invested R 20 million for the 2017 Programme which will benefit 400 middle managers across the country.

Gauteng School of Excellence (SoE)

The objective of the Gauteng Schools of Excellence project is to support and equip four TVET colleges within the Gauteng region that will address the needs of the Wholesale and Retail Sector through education, training and skills development initiatives. The Project will address challenges identified by TVET colleges through building the necessary capacity to offer retail programmes. Additionally, the project will assist the TVET Colleges to position themselves as preferred training providers for the Wholesale and Retail Sector. The W&RSETA will provide financial support to institutions for infrastructure development, lecturer capacitation and the implementation of Learnership programmes. This project is based on the model of the highly successful KZN SOE.
Post Graduate Research Bursaries

Subsequent to the establishment of the W&RSETA Retail Chair and the allocation of bursaries to Masters and Doctoral students, the demand for bursaries for these high level programmes has increased dramatically. This has resulted in the W&RSETA allocating funds to assist employees from wholesale and retail companies to pursue post graduate studies in research. The project will provide financial assistance to 105 qualifying individuals to further their studies to achieve a Masters or Doctoral degree. The beneficiaries will be recruited from wholesale and retail companies that will in turn be required to allow their workplaces to be subject for research by the beneficiaries.
Special Bursary Programme

The objective of this project is to create a pivotal progress for learners to further their studies. The Scheme will also create opportunities for learners that would like to change their learning paths or progress to higher levels of learning. 500 unemployed and 500 employed prospective learners who have successfully completed a Learnership at NQF Level 4 or 5 will be awarded bursaries.
Trade Union Capacitation Programme: NUMSA

In an effort to address the goals of the National Skills Development Strategy III, the W&RSETA has undertaken to address skills shortages within the Trade Union through various interventions relating to the skills development processes. 196 Trade Union Officials will be receive training through this project.
Retail Chair

The W&RSETA established the Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) 2012. The objective of the Retail Leadership Chair is to contribute towards research and the development of W&R qualifications from NQF 5 -10 through collaboration between the Sector, labour and institutions of higher learning. The collaboration between the key role players will ensure a pool with suitably qualified and experienced entrants for the Sector and that the skills levels of the current workforce are improved.
Bursaries have also been awarded to 7 post-graduate students who are enrolled in Masters and Doctoral studies with a specific focus on Retail. The Chair of Retail also provides support to the post-graduate students.

The Chair is currently facilitating international collaborative networks and exchange programmes in an attempt to determine best practice in research and in particular the provision of retail learning programmes. The project will be implemented over a three-year period at a cost of R 17,4m.
Stakeholder participation is of critical importance in this process and is encouraged. The SETA engages stakeholders to solicit input to the SSP through various forums including the regional structures and desktop research.
W&R Schools of Excellence

The W&RSETA has partnered with its stakeholder companies, the Durban University of Technology, and four Technical, Vocational Education and Training Colleges in KwaZulu Natal to establish Retail Schools of Excellence. The objective of the project, inter alia, is to ensure that institutions of learning produce suitably qualified and experienced students to meet the demands of business for the growth and prosperity of the Sector and the Country.
R 7m has been allocated to this initiative, which is the first of its kind in the Sector. Components of the project include infrastructure improvement in the colleges, development of qualifications from NQF levels 3 - 5, lecturer capacitation, and selection and recruitment of the students.

500 learners, comprising of 250 employed and 250 unemployed, have been enrolled at the Majuba, Thekwini, Esayidi and Mthashana TVET Colleges and the Durban University of Technology. The learners placed at the TVET Colleges are enrolled on an NQF level 2 learnership programme and some of them will progress to NQF level 4 and 5 programmes that are currently being developed by the DUT. The learnership component of this project is funded with a budget of R 14,5m.

This project is also the SETA's comprehensive approach to establish presence in and collaborate with TVET colleges and the rural communities of our country, which is one of the Minister's priorities. The project also addresses articulation between the TVET and higher learning systems.
Informal Traders Upliftment Project (ITUP)

The ITUP is a joint project between the W&RSETA and Department of Small Business Development (the dsbd) with the main objective of assisting 1000 informal traders nationally to increase their profitability and sustainability through skills development. This project was launched by the Minister of Trade Industry, Dr. Rob Davies in 2014 as part of the multimillion rand strategy on informal businesses, the National Business Upliftment Strategy (NIBUS). The project aims to increase the competitiveness of local traders, hawkers and spaza shop owners to create decent jobs within the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

This initiative is one of the programmes that are implemented as part of the SETA's commitment to the formalisation and sustainability of the SMME sector. The first phase of ITUP was successfully completed registering a 95% success rate with 992 informal traders completing the training programmes. The W&RSETA and the dsbd have invested a further R 10 million towards ITUP II which will benefit another 1000 informal traders nationally.
Bursary Programme - learners with W&RSETA Learnerships

The objective of this project is to award bursaries to learners who have successfully completed W&RSETA learnership programmes at NQF 4 or 5 to pursue studies at institutions of higher education and training. The SETA has invested R 10m towards this bursary scheme.
National Roll Out - People with Disabilities

The SETA seeks to implement programmes for people with disabilities nationally following the highly successful project implemented in specific provinces in partnership with the South African Disability Development Trust (SADDT) from 2008.

A project with the former Department of Children, Women and People with Disabilities at a budget of R 20,5m is currently underway. The project will benefit 500 learners, comprising of 400 unemployed and 100 employed learners within the Wholesale and Retail Sector.
Unemployed learners will be on NQF Level 2 programmes whilst employed learners would be enrolled on higher level programmes as they have already acquired retail exposure through the NQF level 2 learnerships they have completed.
Regional Projects

The SETA is cognisant of the varying skills development needs of the Provinces and implements projects that address the specific needs.
Eastern Cape Rural Development Partnership Project

The W&RSETA has invested R 130 million for the Eastern Cape Rural Development project which aims to assist in decreasing poverty levels in rural areas of the province. The project will foster encourage partnership between Higher Education and Training Institutions and TVET Colleges with wholesale and retail companies with an objective of increasing learning opportunities in rural areas and townships. 274 learners will be enrolled on various learning programmes to improve their chances of securing employment within the Wholesale and Retail Sector.
Northern Cape: Learnership Programme

The SETA is providing learnership opportunities on NQF Level 2 to 500 unemployed learners from the rural areas of the Province as prioritised through the Provincial Government's Comprehensive Rural Development Project. R 20m has been allocated towards the project.
Northern Cape / Office of the Premier Internships for FET Graduates

The objective of this project is to provide internship opportunities to 100 TVET College students studying towards qualifications that address scarce and critical skills in the W&R Sector, within various companies in the Northern Cape for a period of 18 months.
The SETA has invested R 5,4m towards this project.
Free State / Office of the Premier Internshipsfor FET Graduates

The SETA aims to place 100 TVET College graduates in companies within the Free State Province for an 18-month workplace experience programme at a cost of R 5m.
Free State/TVET Placement Project

In collaboration with the Office of the Premier in the Free State, the SETA is funding the placement of 700 students within the Provincial Departments. This initiative will enable the TVET learners to acquire the necessary workplace experience which is a pre-requisite for learners to graduate from their respective programmes.
Free State - Internship for FET Graduates

The objective of this project is to provide students with workplace experience required to obtain their National Diploma qualifications in various fields with the aim of contributing to the economic growth of the Free State province whilst assisting to curb unemployment and alleviate poverty. The SETA has invested R153 million towards this project to benefit over 100 students.
Western Cape - Khayelitsha Bursary Project

104 students from Khayelitsha, Western Cape will be allocated bursaries to study programmes in Retail Management at Universities and TVET Colleges through the Khayelitsha Bursary project.The SETA has invested R 2,8 million towards this initiative.
Western Cape: Bakers for Youth Development and Sustainability

As part of contributing towards and supporting youth development initiatives within the Western Cape Province, the SETA is funding the training of 15 learners on confectionery bakery artisan programme. The project supports the Provincial Government's efforts to alleviate poverty and create sustainable jobs for the youth and the SETA has allocated R 580 000 towards the project.
Western Cape: The Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank, an organisation that assists single unemployed mothers, is implementing business empowerment programme for 246 women to improve sustainability of their businesses. The SETA has allocated R 13m towards the training component of this project to assist 176 of the target of 246 women which will also incorporate a mentoring programme.
Western Cape: Youth Focus Project

This project is a collaboration between the WC Government (WCED), the Retail Sector, TVET Colleges and the W&RSETA.

The project seeks to provide an opportunity to matured school leavers to continue on a journey of lifelong learning in order to find decent employment. Importantly, this initiative aims to substitute a life destined to crime and poverty, for a life of education and employment opportunities.

240 unemployed youths that have completed a bridging programme funded by the WCED will be enrolled on the National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership. The learners will be enrolled at the South Cape, College of Cape Town, Boland and Northlink TVET Colleges for the theoretical component of the programme and placed with retail companies to gain workplace experience for a period of 12 months.
Community Retail Development Project (CRDP)

The SETA has allocated over R6 million to communities and businesses around Gauteng that are participating in the Community Retail Development Project. 400 youth, women and disabled (people with disabilities) entrepreneurs from the Tshwane Municipality will be trained over a 12-month period and 20 unemployed youth will be capacitated to provide mentorship to the entrepreneurs. Additionally, 20 unemployed young people will be enrolled on a Learnership programme and act as Business Advisors to the SMMEs. The project addresses the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) III goal 4.6 which focuses on support for cooperatives, small enterprises, worker-initiated, NGO and community training initiatives.

Primarily, the objective of the object is to provide skills development support to SMMEs to enhance their growth and become competitive which will in turn develop the local economy, create employment and reduce poverty leading to social cohesion in the townships. The project is also contributes to the Gauteng’s goal of township economy revitalisation as well as the City of Tshwane’s objectives on local economic development. Through skills development, the traders are positioned to compete with their foreign counterparts in the townships.
Mpumalanga Unemployed Youth Project

The project aims to address youth unemployment in Mpumalanga by providing learning opportunities to 100 young people in the Gert Sibande District. The beneficiaries will be enrolled on the W&R National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations NQF Level 2 qualification. Gert Sibande TVET College has partnered with the W&RSETA as part of the agreement which has resulted in the extension of scope for the College to deliver W&R programmes and the establishment of the Retail Simulation Centre. The learners will be hosted by Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite / Checkers, Checkout, CTM and Webbers. The SETA has invested R4 million towards this project.
Bakery for Youth Development and Sustainability

Bakery is one of the scarce and critical skills in the country which are offered through Artisan programmes. The Bakery for Youth Development and Sustainability project therefore intends to recruit 15 unemployed youth who are interested in an entrepreneurial retail career and enrol them on the National Certificate: Bread & Flour Confectionery Baking level 3 Learnership and ultimately develop them as Bakers. At the end of the programme, these youths will opportunity to become shareholders and co-owners of mobile bakery businesses.

The objective of the project is to create employment opportunities, encourage self-employment, increase bakery artisans and establish sustainable bakery businesses. Through this project, the W&RSETA has invested over R500 000 towards this project which will benefit young people across the Western Cape province.
Youth Focus Project

The Youth Focus project is a collaborative initiative between the W&RSETA, Western Cape Government, Retail Sector and TVET Colleges to provide learning opportunities for youth that has exited the education system and has matured beyond the point of return to the formal schooling system. The youth is assisted to continue the journey of life-long learning in order to secure decent employment. It addresses the plight of youth destined to a life of crime and poverty with that of education and employment opportunities.

240 unemployed youth who have completed a bridging programme with the Western Cape Education Department will be enrolled on the W&R National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations NQF level 2 Learnership. Learners received training from the following participating TVET Colleges: South Cape, College of Cape Town, Boland and Northlink; and were placed within companies for the practical workplace experience component.The W&SETA has invested R 11m towards this project.
Township Revitalization Programme

The SETA has invested R 4 million in the Western Cape to benefit 90 youths through the Township Revitalization Programme. The objective of the project is to create jobs and eradicate unemployment and poverty in the townships by identifying youths with entrepreneurial interest and equip them to run businesses in the township areas. Furthermore, these young people will be capacitated on supply chain management principles and to revitalise spaza shops in the townships.
The Waterberg Store Person Learnership

The W&RSETA responded to the President’s call for the SETAs to provide skills development opportunities for the youth of Waterberg District in Limpopo. The objective of the project is to create job opportunities and minimise the scare and critical skills within Wholesale and Retail Sector.
R 4m was allocated to enrol 100 young people on the W&R Store Person Learnership on NQF level 2.

98 learners have been registered on the Learnership which is delivered by Waterberg TVET College. The learners have been allocated to the following host companies: Webbers, EH Hassim, Thaba Superspar, Pick ‘n Pay, Istores, Tony Cash and Carry, Boxer Superstores and Ismael Wholesalers.

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