1. Syndicate 1 – 2020 Retail Visionary
    Bridging the skills gap to support the 2020 Retail landscape
  2. Syndicate 2 – Grab -IT
    Policy framework and legislation, a help or hindrance to the Retail Sector, the SA context and lessons from abroad
  3. Syndicate 3 –Big Data
    To Identify opportunities and convert the challenges of Big Data to the benefit of Retailers
  4. Syndicate 4 – Ubuntu Bethu
    Creating a service culture within the South African context. Local challenges and lessons from abroad: Customer-centricity - what does this really mean and how do retailers make this a reality?
  5. Syndicate 5 –AfRetail
    Cross border trade in Africa – Challenges and Solutions
  6. Syndicate 6 – District 6
    The impact of Urbanization in Retail Sector