2017 Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP)

Call for Nominations / Applications

About the RMDP

The inaugural Wholesale and Retail SETA (W&RSETA) Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP) was launched in 2012 to address skills gaps within the current middle management complement of the Wholesale and Retail Sector. The Programme equips delegates with prerequisite skills to become effective managers. The main objective of the Programme is to increase the pool of skilled middle management in retail.

The RMDP equips middle managers with the skills to become effective in pursuing the organisational goals of excellence within their own organisations. The Retail MDP also seeks to create an avenue for retail management development for prospective retail managers. Retail management development has been identified as a key requirement in terms of the SETA's Sector Skills Plan (SSP). This is largely due to the fact that many retail managers are developed within the business, from a relatively low qualification requirement. Their skills acquisition is largely on the job and there is a deficit of retail qualifications available from academic institutions. The RMDP graduates are also able to further their learning with a career path into the International Leadership Development Programme

“Creating a Skilled Management Pool for the Wholesale and Retail Sector”

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