Question Answers
Why can I not make telephonic enquiries about a bid?

The W&RSETA procurement policy states that all bidders must be given all the questions posed or they must have access thereof. In order for the W&RSETA to keep a clean audit trail, we therefore need everything in writing.

How will I know that my bid was unsuccessful?

Every bidder receives an email notification.

What is meant by 80/20 and 90/10?

The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (Act 5 of 2000) and the regulations thereof compels the W&RSETA to calculate scores based on the following:
The amount of points awarded for Preference Points may not be more than
1.20 points in the event a bid budget is < R50, 000, 000.00
2.10 points is the event a bid budget is > R50, 000, 000.00
This therefore means that the rest of the points (80 or 90) can be allocated towards the Price Score.

Why would a bid application be disqualified from the evaluation phase?

There might be a number of reasons a bid application be disqualified. The obvious reasons being:

  1. 1.No submission of a valid Tax Clearance Certificate or the Tax Pin as provided by SARS
  2. 2.Non-compliance due to submission requirements
  3. 3.Late submission of bid applications (after 11:00)
  4. 4.Non-attendance of a compulsory briefing session

The above is however not an exhausted list and the feedback is done on a bidder by bidder basis.

How long does the Bid process take to complete?

The W&RSETA strives towards a 70 to 90 day turnaround time but this may be lengthened due to the technical complexity of a bid.