Small and Micro Enterprises


The Wholesale and Retail sector is made up of predominantly small, medium and micro enterprises (employ less than 50 people) which account for approximately 90% of the Sector.

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) development is a key priority for government with many interventions being implemented to grow this sector; however, the majority of SMMEs in wholesale and retail, especially the informal ones, continue to exist outside the mainstream economy. They often fail to grow and/or die a quick death. One of the causes of this challenge is challenge is the shortage and inadequacy of skills required to grow these businesses to the next level. The W&RSETA has the responsibility to ensure that these skills development gaps are addressed in line with the National Skills Development Plan (NSDP) and other government priorities. In line with the NSDP, SETAs are expected to support the growth and development of SMMEs and cooperatives through various skills development initiatives.

W&RSETA SMME programmes:

  • Discretionary Grants for SMEs to implement skills programmes, single unit standards and non-credit bearing programmes.
  • Grant vouchers for informal traders and micro enterprises to enable them to attend the W&RSETA sponsored training under the Informal Traders and Micro Enterprises Development (ITAMED) programme
  • Mentorship and coaching to ensure that these enterprises grow and become sustainable through partnerships with relevant organisations
  • New Venture Creation