March 2020


The W&RSETA has noted with concern several adverts to stakeholders purporting to be endorsed by the SETA. Stakeholders are informed that the W&RSETA has not endorsed, approved, partnered with or mandated any service provider on our behalf to provide assistance to stakeholders in the midst of COVID- 19. Please be cautious of any emails or messages purporting to have been approved or endorsed by the W&RSETA. Updates will be sent to stakeholders directly from the W&RSETA and not through a third party.

Youth Focus Project

The Youth Focus project is a collaborative initiative between the W&RSETA, Western Cape Government, Retail Sector and TVET Colleges to provide learning opportunities for youth that has exited the education system and has matured beyond the point of return to the formal schooling system. The youth is assisted to continue the journey of life-long learning in order to secure decent employment. It addresses the plight of youth destined to a life of crime and poverty with that of education and employment opportunities.

Western Cape: The Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank, an organisation that assists single unemployed mothers, is implementing business empowerment programme for 246 women to improve sustainability of their businesses. The SETA has allocated R 13m towards the training component of this project to assist 176 of the target of 246 women which will also incorporate a mentoring programme.

Eastern Cape Rural Development Partnership Project

The W&RSETA has invested R 130 million for the Eastern Cape Rural Development project which aims to assist in decreasing poverty levels in rural areas of the province. The project will foster encourage partnership between Higher Education and Training Institutions and TVET Colleges with wholesale and retail companies with an objective of increasing learning opportunities in rural areas and townships. 274 learners will be enrolled on various learning programmes to improve their chances of securing employment within the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

Western Cape: Bakers for Youth Development and Sustainability

As part of contributing towards and supporting youth development initiatives within the Western Cape Province, the SETA is funding the training of 15 learners on confectionery bakery artisan programme. The project supports the Provincial Government's efforts to alleviate poverty and create sustainable jobs for the youth and the SETA has allocated R 580 000 towards the project.

Post Graduate Research Bursaries

Subsequent to the establishment of the W&RSETA Retail Chair and the allocation of bursaries to Masters and Doctoral students, the demand for bursaries for these high level programmes has increased dramatically. This has resulted in the W&RSETA allocating funds to assist employees from wholesale and retail companies to pursue post graduate studies in research. The project will provide financial assistance to 105 qualifying individuals to further their studies to achieve a Masters or Doctoral degree.

W&R Schools of Excellence

The W&RSETA has partnered with its stakeholder companies, the Durban University of Technology, and four Technical, Vocational Education and Training Colleges in KwaZulu Natal to establish Retail Schools of Excellence. The objective of the project, inter alia, is to ensure that institutions of learning produce suitably qualified and experienced students to meet the demands of business for the growth and prosperity of the Sector and the Country.

Retail Chair

The W&RSETA established the Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) 2012. The objective of the Retail Leadership Chair is to contribute towards research and the development of W&R qualifications from NQF 5 -10 through collaboration between the Sector, labour and institutions of higher learning. The collaboration between the key role players will ensure a pool with suitably qualified and experienced entrants for the Sector and that the skills levels of the current workforce are improved.

Gauteng School of Excellence (SoE)

The objective of the Gauteng Schools of Excellence project is to support and equip four TVET colleges within the Gauteng region that will address the needs of the Wholesale and Retail Sector through education, training and skills development initiatives. The Project will address challenges identified by TVET colleges through building the necessary capacity to offer retail programmes. Additionally, the project will assist the TVET Colleges to position themselves as preferred training providers for the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP)

The inaugural Wholesale and Retail SETA Retail Management Development Programme (RMDP) was launched in 2012 as a response to addressing skills gaps within the current middle management complement within the Sector and create a pool of skilled middle managers. The Programme equips delegates with prerequisite skills to become effective managers. RMDP graduates will also be able to further their learning with a career path into the ILDP.

Bid Cancellation

Bid Cancelled Bid Number 

The Appointment of Service Providers for the Informal Traders and Micro Enterprises Development Project SME/2020/0001

The Training of Two Thousand trade Union Members on Occupational Health and Safety and COVID-19 CEO/2020/0001

The Appointment of a Higher Education and Training Institution to deliver the Development a Leadership Programme via Open Distance e-Learning CEO/2020/0002

The Appointment of a Service Provider to develop a Comprehensive Disability Development Strategy for the W&RSETA SPPE/2020/0001